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Bore Drilling & Installation

A bore is simply a hole that is drilled down into the water table to an optimum depth for your particular area. It is then developed and cased with PVC pipe and screens to allow a submersible pump to be connected and lowered. The finished product at surface level is just a PVC lid which can be hidden in gardens or under lawns very simply. No big, bulky well liners and lids consuming your property.


Crystal Waters Irrigation has many years of experience installing bores of all types into the Perth metropolitan area.
We can install a new submersible bore tailored exactly to your requirements and even link into your existing reticulation system if required. Either way you can be assured that your new system will be efficiently designed to give peak performance whilst offering you the best quality products at very competitive rates.

Crystal Waters rely on a reputation for the supply of quality materials and workmanship, and will not compromise when installing your new system. There may be cheaper competitors, but remember, 'You always pay for what you get!'.
As a client of Crystal Waters, you will receive quality service from people who are genuinely interested in what they do, and the people they serve, both before and after sales.

If you would like a quote for a submersible bore, there are many contributing factors to be considered that affect the overall cost like;

  • Single or Three phase power supply.
  • Drilling rig accessibility.
  • Steel or tiled roof.
  • Existing reticulation components
  • Etc, etc.
At Crystal Waters we save you all the headaches. You don't need to do anything except ring us to make an appointment to meet at the location and we do the rest.
We will advise you of the most suitable installation and optimum location on your property, as well as factor in all necessary contingencies so you don't end up with any nasty, unexpected, surprise bills.

For enquiries or info please
Email enquiries@reticonline.com.au or PH: 1800 316 655

Note: limits to suburbs and areas covered do apply, we will advise you of these if necessary.


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