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Arizona Mist Systems

pic Perth Zoological Gardens, Western Australia An Arizona Mist system, designed and installed by Crystal Waters adds the final touch to a fascinating exhibit at the Perth Zoological Gardens.
The Rainforest Retreat - is one of the latest world class recognised zoological entities to embrace the Arizona Mist system. The Rainforest Retreat allows visitors to meander through a dense rainforest environment, filled with flora identical to that found in an actual Australian rainforest.
This Arizona Mist system runs 110 metres of 1000 PSI high pressure tubing with stainless steel / brass misting nozzles that are fed to concealed areas within the Rainforest. The emitted mist envelopes the surrounding trees, plants and pathways, creating a magnificent cascading effect of mist rolling down the pathways and through the forest floor. A must for visitors to experience.
Perth Zoo, located in Laboucher Road, South Perth is striving to create natural conditions and environs for all of it's animals. This enables visitors to see the animals in surroundings which mimic their own natural habitats.
pic Sandalford Caversham Estate, Caversham, Western Australia. A beautiful outdoor dining area turned into an oasis with an Arizona Mist fogging and cooling system. pic
This outdoor setting at Sandalford Caversham Estate Restaurant is shaded through the cover of grapevines, together with the Arizona Mist fogging system creates a cool and tranquil atmosphere.
The core of the system is hidden away out of sight - on the roof. The pump is super quiet and again produces a massive 1000psi of water pressure. Because of this high pressure and the special nozzles involved, the mist is extremely fine consequently the system uses a minimal amount of water.
Precision components make installation effortless and will even connect to any existing water tap.
Photographs courtesy of Gerhardt Mueller-Dorn

The Arizona Mist system can be tailored to suit many applications including residential, restaurants, commercial, sporting facilities, animal enclosures and plant propagation or greenhouses.
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